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Ziziphus Jujube Powder

100% Organic Spine date seed

GMP standard


USDA&EU Organic certified

Latin Name:Semen Ziziphi Spinosae

Ziziphus jujuba common name: Chinese Sour Date/Suanzaoren extract/Spine Date Seed

Part of used:  100% organic Seed

Specification: Jujuboside 1% 2% 3%

Appearance&color: Brown fine powder

Test method: UV

Jujuba ziziphusis or spine date seed, it is known as Suanzaoren. as we have seen, the main ingredient of jujube seed powder is jujuboside, and other ingredients, such as polysaccharides, flavonides. all ingredients have been extracted from ziziphus jujuba tree to make dietary supplement. and specialists have tested on animals and found, that jujubboside had a more effective hypnotic and sedative function than others.

So jujube seed plays an important role in the treatment of neurashenia and insomnia,

Chinese date extract also widely used in traditional medicine for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia, thirsty, tonifying liver also digestive. 

Beside, ziziphus jujube powder also can be used for anti-myocardial ischemia, adjust the blood fat and etc.

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