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  • Buy taiwan jujube, Sales wild jujube extract, jujube extract Suppliers Factory
White Jujube Tea

100% certified organic

NOP & EU standard

No fillers, binders or other additives

OEM/ODM service


GMO free

Our special pyramid filter tea bags allow for optimal water flow to release the full flavor characteristics and aroma of White Jujube Tea into your tea cup.

Ingredients: white tea and red dates tablets 

Net content: 15g/per.

Brewing Method:Take a packet of white red dates tea and put it in a cup. Fill it with water. The water temperature is about 90 degrees. After 3 minutes, you can drink.

Storage:Seal and keep in shady, cool and dry place. 

White tea has a long story in China, it is believed to be earliest tea used in Song Dynasty. In addition, white tea was served as a tribute to palace, and this is one of the most minimally processed teas , usually tea leaves picked by tea growers then steamed to oxidation, dried when the tea is still young. 

White tea contains the high EGCG than green tea, it also content polyphenols and flavonoids after aging, in addition, white tea contains a small amount of caffeine. but the caffeine content of white tea is lower than other teas. those ingredients are benefit health. 

We already know red jujube dates more information for human healthy, as we know the red dates is warm but not dry, tonic, suitable for year-round consumption. And in Chinese traditional weddings, the bride usually has red dates, jujube date promoting blood circulation is food, not eating blood, but increase the amount of bleeding. 

What can white jujube tea benefit our health

So Chinese Organic jujube dates with white tea promoted the fragrance of tea, it’s a healthy tea for winter. and the Health benefit of jujube tea with white tea has the effect of clearing dryness, for example

-  anti-aging, beauty, anti-cancer, anti-tumor and etc.

-  As a stomachic and enrich the blood

-  Improves reproductive health, protects brain health

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