• Customized pu erh jujube tea, jujube fruit for weight loss Company, jujube fruit Price
  • Customized pu erh jujube tea, jujube fruit for weight loss Company, jujube fruit Price
Pu Erh Jujube Tea

100% certified organic

NOP & EU standard

No fillers, binders or other additives

OEM/ODM service


GMO free

Our special pyramid filter tea bags allow for optimal water flow to release the full flavor characteristics and aroma of Pu Erh Jujube Tea into your tea cup.

Ingredients: Pu erh tea and red dates tablets 

Net content: 15g/per.

Brewing Method:Take a packet of Pu erh jujube tea and put it in a cup. Fill it with water. The water temperature is about 90 degrees. After 3 minutes, you can drink.

Storage:Seal and keep in shady, cool and dry place. 

How to make pu erh red dates tea?

Pu er tea from Yunnan province of China , which the best conditions for pu er tea cultivation. there are two kinds of puer "raw" and "ripe", “raw” it means fresh tea after harvest as a raw product can be sold in the market. 

"raw" pu er tea can clear the Gastronintestinal tract, reduce blood fat and lose weight, also anti-cancer, "ripe" is fermented tea, and it might be helpful to treat stomach illness, also called "Stomach-Nourishing decoction", especially for winter drinking.

There are many jujube tea recipes with different functions. Red jujube dates with pu er is a perfect recipe.

You’re wondering maybe How to made red date tea?

You can use Pu er tea about 3g, red jujube dates 3-4grains , hot water 1-2 cups according with your demand, or you can add the red dates and water to a pot then boil for at least 10 min. They are so pretty and red color.

What can pu erh jujube tea benefit our health

The effect of pu er jujube tea is to reduce blood fat, lose weight. 

- Antioxidant, antibacterial, help prevent photo-aging 

- Calm and soothe the nerves, eliminating anxiety 

- There are stomach function for winter easy cold hands and feet of the female drinking

In a word, cleanse the palate and lose weight, All girls like it. 

Besides, Aliorganic offer customized service according to your requirement, such as Tea bag, TCM tea recipes and etc.

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