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Oolong Jujube Tea

Organic tea&Organic jujube dates


OEM herbal tea recipes

Our special pyramid filter tea bags allow for optimal water flow to release the full flavor characteristics and aroma of Oolong Jujube Tea into your tea cup.

Ingredients: Onlong tea and red dates tablets 

Net content: 15g/per.

Brewing Method:Take a packet of onlong red jujube tea and put it in a cup. Fill it with water. The water temperature is about 90 degrees. After 3 minutes, you can drink.

Storage:Seal and keep in shady, cool and dry place. 

Oolong tea is a traditional semi-fermented tea,  There is a story tells a farmer named Wu Long who discovered the Oolong tea after picked tea on the way down the mountain. Meanwhile tea leaves tossed in the pack basket. There are reddish edge of tea for one day due to water-removing no in time. he smelled a freshness flavor via his basket. later he used the phenomenon for tea processing. 

Chinese Oolong tea are curled into balls or fine line shapes, it depends on the technology of the tea master. They well know the opportunity of tea are rolled during processing. Of course , flavor and shape of Oolong tea vary depends on the place of origin and process, and the content of tea polyphenol between green and black tea.

Jujube is the best food for daily life, and it contains Vitamins and etc. Our Organic jujube dates can add different tea recipes. 

What can onlong jujube tea benefit our health

Red jujube dates and Oolong tea add cup together, it has good effect for women, there are many functions:

-  Improve sleep, remove fatigue,spleen and stomach and etc

-  Benefit for anemia. it can promote metabolism and burn fat

-  Oolong jujube tea can also teat skin diseases

-  Improve skin color, especially menstruate drink it, nourish blood and regulate menstruation and keep young

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