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Jujube Extract Powder

GMP standard

USDA&EU Organic certified


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Latin Name: Fructus Jujubae

Part of used:  100% organic Fruit

Active ingredients: polysaccharides 10%-50%, ratio 10:1 and etc

Appearance&color: Yellow-brown fine powder

Test method: UV

Natural jujube extract benefits are well know in China. and have used the product for many years. While green and healthy life styles gradually being accepted by public. One bright spot is that all our raw material Chinese date comply with USDA rules, meet ecological requirements.  

The product is organic jujube extract powder from 100% organic natural Chinese red dates which is light brown fine powder by water & ethanol extraction. Then get active ingredients polysaccharides and other ingredients.

Pure active ingredients from zizyphus jujuba fruit extract usually is used as a dietary supplement,medicinal and some functional beverages for many purposes. 

- Including reduce stress and anxiety

- Help for sleepless nights, improve immunity, invigorates the blood and anti-cancer.

- Because of jujube extract powder content high Vitamin and fiber, so it can improve digestive processes. 

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