• Purchasing jujube fruit for sale, organic red dates Factory Price
  • Purchasing jujube fruit for sale, organic red dates Factory Price
Green Jujube Tea

100% certified organic

NOP & EU standard

No fillers, binders or other additives

OEM/ODM service


GMO free

Our special pyramid filter tea bags allow for optimal water flow to release the full flavor characteristics and aroma of Green Jujube Tea into your tea cup.

100% Organic raw material

OEM & TCM tea bag

Ingredients: green tea and red dates tablets 

Net content: 15g/per.

Brewing Method:Take a packet of green red jujube tea and put it in a cup. Fill it with water. The water temperature is about 90 degrees. After 3 minutes, you can drink.

Storage:Seal and keep in shady, cool and dry place. 

Green tea is traditional tea, also famous in the world as a anti-aging healthy beverage in China. And most Asians like drinking tea and Chinese people are the first people in the world who have tea. 

The most popular health tea made from jujube and different various teas. Red jujube dates cut in slices or mixed with green tea. This is a perfect recipe. Green tea contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants, detoxifiers, but if people always drink it to the loss of body iron. However, red dates with warm in nature and benefiting qi and nourishing blood thus, it's safe to take together. 

Green jujube tea is a valuable recipe, it is worth mentioning that our Green tea and jujube dates all 100% Organic.

What can green jujube tea benefit for our health

-  Calm the nerves and enrich the blood. And this is very relaxing tea, amazing and same as your favorite drink.

-  Green jujube tea also can lose weight.

-  Jujube tea has a lower blood pressure, blood fat and other effects.

-  Prevent cancer and improve memory and etc

ALIORGANIC team accept processing, such as OEM tea bag service, design service and etc...

Healthy Life from Here!

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