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Fresh jujube fruit growth process

According to the characteristics of late growth and development of fresh red dates, the ripening period of fresh jujube fruit of ALIORGANIC is divided into three stages: white maturity, crisp maturity and maturity.

The characteristics in white ripening period are that the size and shape of jujube fruit are basically fixed, the green color of the peel is reduced, it is greenish white, the fruit is hard, the juice is less, and the taste is slightly sweet;

The characteristics in crisp maturity are characterized by half red to full red, green or white flesh, more crispy juice and rich sweetness;

The characteristics in the maturity period are that the flesh becomes soft, the peel is dark red and slightly wrinkled, and the fruit is easily opened by hand, and the taste is sweet.

The fresh dates fruit planted by ALIORGANIC is usually germinated in mid-April, starting in late May, entering the white ripening period in July, entering the crisp ripening period around August, and entering the maturity on September 20.

Chinese fresh dates storage:Stored in a cold store.

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