Why is jujube walnut very popular?


Red Dates and Walnuts” is a cross-border product that combines red jujube and walnuts. Once launched, it is popular among the public. In fact, the cross-border thinking of this product is very simple, that is, the public is more like, and the common red dates and walnut products are combined to become a product that can be described as “all ages”.

At the same time, the taste of the food of "red dates with walnuts" is really excellent. It is too sweet to eat jujube, and it is too sweet to eat walnuts. The two are mixed together. They are neither too sweet nor too sweet. The taste is very good and is popular among the mass consumers, favorite.

jujube walnut

In addition to satisfying consumers' desire for food, the series of "Jujube Walnuts" also meets the specific needs of users:

First, the specific needs of female users for whitening: the heart of beauty, everyone, and beauty is the common pursuit of mankind. “Red Dates and Walnuts” can help users realize the inherent needs of “beauty and white”. Therefore, "red dates and walnuts" are pursued by women who love beauty and white-collar women.

Second, the user's specific needs for blood and brain. The concept of “walnut kernels, brains” and “red dates and blood” has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Therefore, these two product combinations combine brain and blood function into one. To meet the internal needs of users and consumers for whitening and brain-building. Eventually, one plus one is greater than two.

Drucker once said that the company's mission is only two, to innovate and create customers.

In the Internet age, companies must not only create customers, but also innovate new consumer scenarios.

For a long time, in the consumption scene, agricultural products are usually limited to three meals a day. This allows the value-added angle to stay at the level of shallow machining at most. In contrast, deep processing and leisure, happy consumption scene mining is the nuclear power of agricultural products to become popular or big.

Many people think that the deeper the better the processing of agricultural products, the fact is that this is a misunderstanding. For agricultural products, the depth of the processing should be consistent with the characteristics of the products, not the deeper the better.

“Red jujube walnuts" adopts the method of initial processing. The processing does not destroy the taste, shape and color of red dates and walnuts, but is improved on the basis of products, and the classification of products is re-fissioned and upgraded - fashion food.

The shallow processing fashion products that become “original ecology” have the following effects: First, the cost of branding and promotion is reduced. Second, increase consumer trust in red dates and walnuts. Third, there are stories to tell.

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