Who is not suitable for eating red dates?


Jujube fruit is suitable for all ages, especially for the elderly, adolescents, and women. It is also an ideal natural health care product. Particularly suitable for chronic liver disease, low stomach food, cardiovascular disease, spleen deficiency, allergic purpura, bronchial asthma, urticaria, allergic eczema, allergic vasculitis, qi and blood deficiency, malnutrition, palpitation, insomnia, anemia, dizziness, etc. The patient is eaten; in addition, it is also suitable for inhibiting radiation-induced chemotherapy and chemotherapy-induced bone marrow adverse reactions.

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Those who are hot and humid, children with hoarding and parasitic diseases, people with tooth disease, phlegm and dampness, and those with abdominal distension and thick tongue coatings are not eating. In addition, diabetic patients should not eat more; and fresh red dates should not be eaten, otherwise it is easy to produce sputum, help heat, damage teeth.

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