Who can't drink longan red dates tea?


Chinese people have the habit of drinking jujube tea since ancient times. Busy modern people give tea more functions. Hawthorn, medlar, dried tangerine peel, chrysanthemum and other ingredients with different effects brewed together, turned into a sought after health tea. But drinking these teas is also very particular, not everyone is suitable for drinking.

jujube fruit tea

Longan, Yixin spleen, qi and blood, nourishing strong body, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves, benefiting the spleen and appetizing. Red dates, sweet and warm, with qi and blood, spleen and stomach, soothe the nerves and other effects, is the blood of the holy product.

The best way to drink dried longan jujube tea: 5 longan and 5 red dates, brewed with boiling water. It is best to cut the jujube fruit.

The longan jujube tea is sought after by many women, and it can evoke a good color and delay aging from the inside out.  

Because the longan is hot, it is easy to get angry and stagnate, so people who have symptoms such as colds and coughs are advised not to drink. Young people with strong firepower should also drink less to avoid getting angry. Due to the high sugar content of the jujube, patients with diabetes should pay attention. Moreover, the jujube is not easy to digest, and eating too much will affect bowel movements.

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