What are the foods that are suitable for jujube fruit?


What are the foods that are suitable for jujube fruit?

Suitable foods for red date are: milk, blood, appetizing, spleen. Squid, nourishing warm stomach, strong heart and blood. Pumpkin, Buzhong Yiqi, convergence of lungs. Winter melon, lose weight and reduce fat. Tomato, tonic and stomach, benefit liver and nourish blood. Lychee, spleen and diarrhea. Walnut, blood and strong body. Silkworm cocoons, spleen and tonic, clearing away heat. Black fungus, blood and menstruation. Codonopsis pilosula, spleen and qi, nourish the stomach. Red bean, replenishing heart and spleen, diuresis and swelling. Longan, blood, nourishing, soothe the nerves. Chestnut, spleen and qi, blood. Glutinous rice, treatment of spleen and stomach qi deficiency.

Not suitable foods for dried jujube are: crabs, which are susceptible to cold and heat. Shrimp, poisoned. Onions, garlic, indigestion. Carrots lose their original nutritional value. Fish, indigestion. In general, it is wise to boil and eat jujube, because it will not change the effect of tonic, but also avoid the diarrhea caused by raw food.

jujube date fruit

Jujube fruit dates should not eat more

Red jujube date is tonic food

As we all know, jujube fruit(fresh red dates) is not easy to digest. This is because red jujube not only has a low moisture content of only 67% (80% to 90% of other common fruits), but also a high dietary fiber content of 1.9%, which is significantly higher than other common fruits (such as grapes average 0.4). %, Apple averages 1.2%). Dietary fiber (especially insoluble cellulose) cannot be digested in the stomach and small intestine, and gastrointestinal discomfort can be caused by a large intake. The dietary fiber in jujube is mainly concentrated in the skin. The pulp of jujube is crisp, but the jujube is very thin and hard. It is difficult to completely smash when chewing. You can experiment: After chewing jujube (fresh jujube), don't swallow it, spit it out and observe it. You will find that there are mixed jujube pieces of different sizes, which are separated from the flesh, have different shapes and hard texture. Sharp edges. It is conceivable that if you swallow your stomach, if your stomach mucosa just has inflammation or ulcers, it is tantamount to salting the wound, causing pain or discomfort.

Of course, if your stomach is healthy and there are no inflammations, ulcers or wounds, then your tolerance to jujube is stronger. Of course, even if you eat too much dried red dates (fresh), it will cause stomach upset. This is the reason why do not want to eat more dates. However, even if there is no obvious gastritis or ulcer, the thickness of the gastric mucosa of different people and the tolerance to certain irritating substances are different. Therefore, how many chinese jujubes are appropriate (do you eat 5 or 35)? It is completely different from person to person, and there is no exact limit.

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