What are black dates fruit?


What are black dates fruit

Chinese black dates, the scientific name of Diospyros Iotus Linn, belongs to the family of persimmon, diospyros, alias soft jujube, milk jujube, wild persimmon, clove jujube, round brain, etc., only distributed in northern China.

Black dates fruit can supplement the Qi, nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen, nourish the blood and strengthen the heart, moisten the heart and lungs, adjust the camp Wei, Shengjin liquid, Yue color, pass Jiuyi, help the twelve classics, solve the drug poison, reconcile the hundred drugs.

Black jujube are different from blackened dates, fresh dates (red dates) are made after special processing ,which are dry products of fresh red dates; There is also the name of "Wu Jujube" (common name smoked date, zijing date), although this black dry date is also rich in nutrients, but still belongs to red dates, and traditional kidney food "black five" The dried black dates in the middle are completely two things.

black date

Black dates uses

The black jujube tree is excellent in material and can be used as general materials.

The fruit is eaten or brewed, made into vinegar, contains vitamin C, and can be extracted for medical use;

Seeds are used as medicines to quench their thirst and heat; Junqianzi trees can be used as rootstocks for persimmon trees.

The fruit is raw or brewed, made into vinegar, and the dried product can be used to quench the thirst and heat. The vitamin C contained in the medicine can be extracted from the medical field, and the seed can be extracted;

Junqianzishu is the best rootstock of sweet persimmon. It has excellent material and can be used as general materials.

Black jujube health

Chinese black dates are warm and sweet, rich in protein, sugar, organic acids, vitamin B and vitamin E, and trace elements such as phosphorus, calcium and iron, as well as various nutrients, which have the effect of tonifying the kidney and nourishing the stomach. It is also helpful for delaying aging, enhancing vitality and beauty. Therefore, black dates are called “nutrition warehouses”. Regular consumption can help women to nourish and nourish blood and maintain epithelial cell tissues. It can warm the stomach, improve eyesight, promote blood circulation, and hydrolyze poison. It is a moisturizing skin and black hair.

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