The significance of organic red dates (Shaanbei date) to the local people


The significance of organic red dates (Shaanbei date) to the local people

The folk symbol of the northern Shaanbei red date was described, praised and passed down in the local area and was regarded as a symbol of goodness.

dried red dates

Eat delicious nourishment with jujube dates

In order to make the effect of jujube fruit play more, the people of northern Shaanxi made the jujube into a variety of foods with various flavors, such as jujube, jujube, jujube, drunk jujube, candied dates, jujube tea, jujube wine, jujube vinegar, etc. It is used to assist in cooking, stewed chicken, stewed duck, stewed pig's feet, etc., all of which are unique and sweet and nourishing.

In daily life, traditional foods made with dates include jujube, jujube cake, jujube cake, jujube cake, jujube cake, jujube cake, fried cake, longevity cake, and jujube filling.

Jujube cake is a cake on the inner pot of the iron pot, layered with rice cake and red dates, and the sweet and fragrant dates are golden, soft and sweet. Jujube horn is a triangle cake baked in a stove with a jujube filling, delicious and delicious.

The jujube cake is cooked in the pot, which is a home-cooked food. It is a jujube bean dumpling, which is also a home-cooked food.

Jujube rice is a bastard food, cooked with soft rice and red dates. On the morning of the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, the farmer should eat glutinous rice. Not only do they have to eat a bowl of neighbors, but also a little bit of fruit on the branches of the fruit. They taste a little bit for the cats, dogs, chickens and pigs, and wish the next year’s neighbors and glutinous rice, the grain of the grain, the sweetness of the branches, the trough The head is booming.

Jujube fried noodles are fried with soft hazelnuts, added to the cooked jujube, dried and ground into powder, and boiled into a group with boiling water when eating. Like a cake, the taste is both saute and sweet.

It can be said that red jujube date plays an important role in the daily diet of the people of northern Shaanbei. The people of northern Shaanbei have used their wisdom and craftsmanship to bring the art of chinese jujube to the extreme. Jujube, for the people of northern Shaanxi, is not only a kind of food, but also a kind of spiritual sustenance that is inseparable from their lives. This point is concentrated in some folk customs related to red dates.

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