The efficacy and function of big jujube in northern Shaanxi


The red dates in northern Shaanxi are mainly produced in the Yichuan, Yanchuan, Qingyi, Wubao, Jiaxian, Shenmu, Fugu, and Jude counties along the Yellow River. It is famous for its large fruit, small nuclear, thin skin, thick meat, mellow taste, oily color, red color, sweet and sour taste, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

big jujube

The effect of Shaanbei big red jujube

Goutou jujube date fruit belongs to the qi medicine, which is called the sweet taste of the liver. It has the functions of moistening the heart and lungs, relieving cough, supplementing the five internal organs and treating the deficiency of the spleen. When the gastrointestinal tract is weak in function and the digestion and absorption function is poor, it is very It is suitable for eating dog's head jujube to improve the function of the stomach and gain physical strength. Only for those who are more likely to be full of gastrointestinal tract, you should add some ginger to cook, so as not to promote flatulence.

The nutrients of goutou jujube fruit contain protein, fat, sugar, organic acids (malic acid, tartaric acid), vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C (especially abundant) and trace amounts of calcium, phosphorus and iron. The dog head jujube is a buckthorn plant, which can be divided into dog head date, black date, candied date, and southern date. The more commonly used is the dog head jujube research, which can enhance the oxygen content in the blood and nourish the whole body cells. It is a kind of moderate and strong. Agent. Goutou red dates has the effect of tonifying kidney and blood. Candied dates and jujube are used for food, and no effect is seen.

The function of big red dates in Shaanbei

Goutou red date is sweet and non-toxic, and the clinical application can be divided into the following types:

Healthy stomach and spleen

If you chew six foods a day, or you can take pills with Codonopsis, Fuzi, and Amomum villosum, cure spleen and stomach, vomiting sour water, stomach pain, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Dog head jujube such as adding ginger, Banxia decoction, treatment of stomach caused by inadvertent stomach, such as stomach fullness, vomiting and severe embolism.

Buzhong Yiqi

Adding goutou red jujube to the diet medicinal diet can nourish the body and nourish the blood.

Curing cough and lungs

Dry cough without sputum is effective for the use of goutou jujube plus Nansha ginseng, black ginseng, and yam. The cold or the speaker's voice is hoarse. Use the dog's head jujube, fat sea, and rock sugar to sip. The singer can usually use the dog's head jujube, the golden peony stone, and the northern sand ginseng to drink one or two times a week to moisturize the vocal cords. If you often sleep unfamiliar and feel physically weak, palpitations, use goutou red date with a few white onions, or dog head jujube with sour jujube kernels, purple salvia ginseng two hours before going to sleep decoction and drink is also effective.

Chronic psychosis

Goutou  jujube can relieve liver and relieve stagnation for women with viscera, that is, crying, depression, depression, taking dog head jujube, licorice, floating wheat can achieve curative effect in a short period of time.

Relieve drug toxicity

Goutou jujube is warm and can relieve the severe or toxic Chinese medicine to reduce side effects.

Since ancient times, goutou jujube has been listed as a good product by the ancient doctors. Dr. Sun Andi, a doctor of immunization at National Taiwan University, strongly advocates eating more goutou dates and jaundices. It has the function of nourishing the spleen and stomach and boosting immunity against disease.

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