What is the difference between date palm and red date?


Date palm is the fruit of date palm tree, also known as Iraqi candied dates. The flesh is sweeter than red dates. Jujube is also known as jujube fruit, dried jujube and red date. It originated in China and has been in China for more than 4,000 years. It has been since ancient times. It is listed as one of the “five fruits” and the remaining four fruits are peach, plum(Li), plum(Mei) and apricot.

organic fried jujube

The taste of date palm and jujube fruit is completely different. The taste of date palm is more similar to that of dried persimmon. The date palm has a unique flavor of palm date. The sweetness of the date is very high and it is delicious, but it is now used for soup. The red dates are processed and mostly eaten directly.

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