What are the disadvantages of red dates and goji berry tea?


Red dates and goji berry tea disadvantages

Regardless of whether it is a healthy tea, it will have more or less disadvantages. What are the disadvantages of red dates and goji berry tea? Mainly reflected in the following points:

1、Goji berry red date tea, people who drink big will drink oil on the fire

Because the jujube dates and goji in the red jujube goji tea are all hot, people who are flaming will get angry even if they eat it, but can't they drink it? Not also. Just add a little chrysanthemum to drink.

2、Goji berry red date tea, hot and humid people drink more damp heat

People with heavy heat and humidity should not eat red dates, but only foam, chrysanthemum or red jujube fruit can be changed to red tea, which can also play the role of eyesight, liver, blood and anti-fatigue.

3、Soaked red dates goji berry tea, red dates, not going to check the heat

Dried jujube fruit to go nuclear(Pitted red date), it will not be too hot, you can drink often. If you feel the taste is light, you can add some sugar or honey (when the honey is lower than 40 degrees, the high temperature will destroy the nutrients such as glucose and fructose in the honey)

red date goji berry tea

4、Four groups of people drank red jujube goji berry tea, the disease is unhelpful and harmful

1) The warming effect of goji is strong, and people who are suffering from fever and body inflammation should not take it.

2) People with liver and kidney deficiency should not take it;

3) Those who have good health and no deficiency should not take it. If the evil is true and the righteousness is not imaginary, it is not advisable to use the tonic medicine indiscriminately to prevent "closed door staying";

4) Depressed people should not drink, otherwise there will be disadvantages of slipping and diarrhea, and those with unheated internal heat should be used with caution.

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