How about red date with walnut calories?


One red date and walnut calories

nutrition content

Energy: 2160kj/100g

Protein: 12.25g/100g

Fat: 32.15g/100g

Carbohydrate: 35.5g/100g

Sodium: 29.2mg/100g

Dietary fiber: 3.5g/100g

red date with walnut

The nuts food calories is high?

Nut foods also have high calories while having high nutrients. 20 pistachios contain about 90 calories, which is equivalent to half a meter of calories. A walnut is about 40 calories, and 6 walnuts are about 240 calories. It is equivalent to the heat generated by 60 grams of starch. The heat produced by 20 ginkgo and 6 walnuts is about 330 calories, which is equivalent to about 80 grams of rice.

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