Red date and longan tea recipe


How to make red date longan tea

Longan red dates tea diet characteristics: brain and brain puzzle,work stress with excessive brain tension, poor memory, memory loss, can drink longan tea to enhance brain power. Warming: Improve the cold body, such as those who often suffer from colds and cold bedwetting. Breast enhancement: Chinese medicine doctors say that women are the main blood, and women who often eat longan are ruddy and full-bodied, so many breast-filling recipes are matched with longan. Anshen: Longan has the effect of calming the nerves, nourishing the blood and benefiting the spleen, and has a good effect on the symptoms of insomnia. Red dates with longan tea diet taboo red jujube fruit has always had the function of nourishing blood and nourishing the air. The nutritional value of longan is also very high, but the longan can not eat more at once, otherwise it will get a little angry.


Ingredients: dried red dates, longan meat

Seasoning: rock sugar, honey, water

red date longan tea


1.Wash the dried jujube fruit, cut them in half with a knife, and remove the jujube core.

2.Dried longan to shell to go nuclear.

3.The jujube dates fruit, longan, rock sugar into the soup pot, add water, boil after the fire, change the small fire, cook for about 30 minutes until the water is dry; keep a small fire, use a spoon to whipped in the pot, the date draw the jujube and drain the precipitated water.

4.The cooked dates to cool, pour into the honey and mix well; put in a clean glass bottle to seal; when drinking, take about 10 grams, rush into warm water and mix well.


1. Experience sharing: The water of the jujube tea should not be higher than 60 degrees, otherwise it will destroy the nutrients of honey.

2.Cooked red jujube tea to drink hot, boiled tea materials should also be eaten together; jujube tea is best to insist on drinking every day, this effect will be good; menstruation or cold can be put together ginger.

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