What is the difference between organic red dates and ordinary red dates?


Organic products are an international name that is translated directly from English Organic Food.

Organic Food is one of the main components of organic products (organic products also include organic production materials, organic cosmetics, furniture, etc.).And it is also called ecological or biological food. Organic food is a relatively unified reference to non-polluting natural foods on the national standard.

Organic food comes from organic agricultural production systems and is produced and processed according to international organic agricultural production requirements and corresponding standards. Synthetic substances such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified technology products are prohibited in the production process. Organic food is the most demanding and relatively high quality food in all foods (here, foods produced under different standards such as pollution-free foods and green foods).

What is the difference between organic red dates and ordinary red dates?

Organic red dates refer to red dates which are produced in accordance with the requirements of the “Organic Products” national standard in the production process and certified by the national certification body. The main difference with ordinary red dates is: the production process of common red dates may be in a loose, non-standard management (for example, the growth environment of common red dates may not be monitored, pesticides and fertilizers may be applied during the growth process; and organic jujube production has Strict production environment standards, organic jujube production process can not use pesticides and fertilizers. Etc.); organic jujubes have established "organic production quality management system" according to organic product standards, from the growth environment, seeds, fertilization, pest control, storage, etc. The growth process is strictly managed and controlled. Organic jujubes are safer and more stable in quality than chinese red dates.

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