How do you make dried jujube?


Jujube is made from fully mature fresh dates. It is the dryest product with the largest amount of processing and the most simple method and the most widely used in China.

Drying methods mainly include drying method, drying method, baking method and drying machine drying method. In addition, in recent years, a newly developed freeze-sublimation drying method, a microwave drying method, a far-infrared drying method, a solar drying method, and the like have been developed. Either way, the fresh dates used should be fully matured, harvested, and graded. In order to improve the quality, it can be blanched in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes before drying.

How do you make dried jujube?

Drying method: Dry the fresh jujube in a dry, dry and ventilated place, and turn it every 1~3 days to make the jujube gradually lose moisture and become dried jujube. This method is applicable to areas with a lot of rainy days during harvesting and thin and coarse flesh. The red dates produced by this method are bright in color, full in appearance, less wrinkled and shallow, and more beautiful.

Dried method: Set the drying field in a dry, flat and ventilated place. Spread the sorghum stalk on the brick slab and leave it about 20cm away from the ground. Lay the jujube into high and low tile ridges, evenly spread on the jujube to expose the sun, thickness 6 ~ 10cm, 30 ~ 50kg per square meter of paving, flipping once every 1 hour, so that the top and bottom are evenly dried. Stacked in the middle of the shop at night, covered with a mat to prevent dew and rain. If the weather is fine, it will take place in 10 days.

Baking method: It is generally necessary to build a special baking room with coal as raw material. Various forms of barn are composed of heating system, ventilation and dehumidification system and loading system.

The baking method is to classify the fresh jujubes according to the size and maturity, pick out the rotten jujubes, and respectively put the trays on the shelves, and the thickness is preferably 2 layers. After loading the shelves, close the door and the exhaust and start baking. The whole baking process is divided into three stages: heat, evaporation of moisture and drying. During the heating stage, the temperature of the baking room should rise slowly and smoothly to 55 °C; in the evaporation stage, the temperature should be raised from 55 °C to 65-68 °C, but not more than 70 °C for 8 to 10 hours; in the drying stage, the inside of the baking room will be The temperature was lowered to 55 ° C for 4 to 6 hours. The whole stage is tidal 1 or 2 times. In the later period, pay attention to selecting the jujube that meets the drying requirements and leave the room at any time.

Drying machine drying method: This is a high-efficiency drying equipment. Commonly used are tunnel dryers, drum dryers and belt dryers.

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