What are the benefits of jujube leaves in medical?


Jujube is a kind of fruit that everyone often eats. It has high nutritional value and excellent health care effect. However, for the leaves of jujube trees, everyone pays little attention. Many people do not know that jujube leaves can also be used as medicine. It can be used for the treatment of various diseases.

1.Medicinal value of jujube leaves

Jujube leaves contain various medicinal ingredients such as wax base opaloid and berberine. They have a customary anesthetic effect. They are mild in nature and non-toxic. They have many functions such as detoxification, swelling and pain relief. They can be used for children's fever and sores. Treatment of various diseases, such as decoction during treatment, can also directly clean the affected area with the fried medicinal soup.

2.Jujube leaves can stop vomiting

And stomach antiemetic is one of the important functions of jujube leaves. When people have nausea or vomiting, they can prepare dried jujube leaves one or two, musk five fights and cloves two points, and put them together into a powder to make a powder, each Take out two money, add a small amount of ginger and a half of the water directly to fry. After frying, remove the ginger and take it directly with the dregs.

What are the benefits of jujube leaves in medical?

3.Jujube leaves can cure lice

Jujube leaves can clear away heat and detoxification, and can also relieve itching and pain relief. Usually, in the summer, because the temperature is too high, when the scorpion appears, you can directly use the jujube leaves for treatment. When treating, the jujube leaves can be ground into fine powder and placed with the powder. Mix thoroughly together, then apply directly to the area with the scorpion, which can make the scorpion dissipate quickly. If there is no granule powder, you can use the jujube leaf decocting soup. After frying, the affected area can be cleaned, which can also play an important role in eliminating lice.

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