Jujube fruit, the "anti-cancer master" in food


"Three eclipses of the eclipse, not old at the age of 100" "Wood and red dates, better than the ganoderma lucidum" ... These in-depth dietary slang fully demonstrates the important position of red dates in China's health culture. The health care function of jujube has been discovered and utilized in ancient times, and its therapeutic value has also been recognized by modern science. 

organic fried jujube

More and more studies have confirmed that red dates have certain effects in preventing cancer. First, jujube is rich in cyclic adenosine monophosphate and cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Studies have confirmed that these two active ingredients can inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells and induce their mature differentiation. Second, red dates are also rich in triterpenoids (such as behenic acid) and adenosine diphosphate. Most of the triterpenoids have the function of inhibiting cancer cells, and the effect of maslinic acid is the strongest. Although adenosine diphosphate does not have the ability to inhibit cancer cells, it has the effect of regulating cell division. The synergistic effect of the two can make the abnormally proliferating cancer cells divide toward normal. Third, the polyphenolic active substances rich in red dates can prevent cell mutation and prevent cell cancer and further development. Fourth, the jujube also contains β-D-glucan, which has been confirmed by animal experiments to inhibit tumor growth.

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