Is jujube fruit good for weight loss?


Eating more red dates in winter is very good for the body, especially women should eat more ,which has a good effect on blood. However, there are people who worry that druit jujube fruit  will gain weight when they eat more. Is this true?

organic jujube

In general, the right amount of red dates is not fat. Many women worry that the heat is too high, affecting their body. In fact, the calories are not very high, and proper consumption has no effect on people who lose weight. However, dry red dates do have a relatively high calorie, about 200 calories, which is equivalent to raisins. Therefore, dry red dates should be eaten less for people who lose weight.

In short, red dates should not be eaten excessively. For the general size, do not exceed five, for large we usually eat two or three is enough, and for the smaller dates we eat eight to nine per day.

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