Is black dates good for diabetes?


Is black dates good for diabetes?

Many people think that people with diabetes are caused by eating too much sweets. This is not the case. There are many other factors that cause diabetes. It is not caused by a single cause of sweets. Because some people are not very clear about the specific causes of diabetes, they are blindly eating a lot of food, which may result in some nutrients being unable to absorb.

black jujube

Chinese black dates are also jujubes, and some people will say that dates are sweets, and patients with diabetes cannot eat. So is the truth really like this? And can a friend with diabetes be able to eat black dates? You can look at some of the specific explanations below. After reading it, you will know if you can eat black jujube fruit.

Black dates fruit are fresh jujubes, first cooked fresh dates, cooled and dried, black and ready. The replenishing effect of dried jujube is greater than that of fresh products, and the nourishing effect of black jujube is stronger.

Black dry dates are rich in vitamins, have a strong role in strengthening the body's immunity, and have obvious curative effect on cardia cancer, lung cancer, and vomiting blood. Dried black dates are sweet and warm, can nourish liver and kidney, moisten and dry.

However, black dates should not be eaten empty stomach! Black dates contain a lot of pectin and tannic acid. These ingredients combine with stomach acid and form a hard mass in the stomach. Black dates have a lot of health benefits, and proper eating is good for health and does not cause weight gain.

And the benefits of black dates are quite large, and diabetics can eat them. But be sure to pay attention to the amount of food, as long as the amount is not too much. Can eat a little.

black dates health benefits

The nutrition of black dates is so rich, what reason can you not eat it? Just the question of the amount of use, presumably how good food is controlled by quantity, or it will bring unpredictable trouble to the human body. Just for friends with diabetes, in order to be on the safe side, it is best to measure your physical condition after eating black dates. This will make the family feel at ease.

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