How to make red dates tea?


Boil the water with red dates, in addition to blood, you can also raise the liver, for those who have poor sleep quality, often staying up late, the package is very good and good, raise the liver, and enjoy life! 


dried jujube

Jujube tea practice

  1. The jujube is torn open and the jujube core is removed. This step is very important. The tearing of jujube is to expose the fiber. The nutrition in the jujube can be fully cooked. The jujube core is removed because it is on fire and cannot be cooked together .To be removed.

  2. Put the processed jujube in the pot, pour in the right amount of water, simmer for 4 hours or overnight. The process of sputum is to soak the taste of jujube, and the taste of red date tea will be thicker. Of course, the nutrients are also soaked together, so it is necessary to use the blisters prepared to cook the jujube so that the nutrition will not be lost.
  3. fire and heat it. After boiling, continue to cook for another 5 minutes. The tea is very sweet and very sweet. The jujube meat has no taste at all, and it tastes very good.

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