How to eat jujubes?


There are many ways to eat red dates. You can make tea, cook, eat raw, also porridge soup, do simmering mud, but how to eat red dates best?

The best way to eat red dates is to boil. That is, boil in boiling water or boiled until the red dates soaked, and even the soup is fed with red date meat. Boiled red dates will not change the nutritional value, but also avoid some diarrhea caused by life.

Do not let red jujube skin eat red dates. Because the red jujube skin is very rich in vitamins, it is much higher than the jujube meat with high sugar content. However, the jujube's epidermis is hard and contains insoluble crude fiber, which is extremely difficult to digest. It must be chewed thoroughly when eating. Do not “swallow the jujube”, otherwise it will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

red jujube

For computer people, how do you eat red dates best? You can use three or four red dates, plus three or four chrysanthemums, a small amount of medlar, brewed with boiled boiling water, you can play the role of nourishing Yin and eyesight, liver and kidney.

For people with poor digestion, how do you eat red dates best? You can make the red dates into thick paste, add some hot milk, and have a good soothing effect.

Different people have different ways of eating. The boiled method is the best way to eat. In addition, although the red dates are good, they should not be eaten too much, otherwise it is easy to hurt the spleen. Usually, 3-5 jujube dates should eat it daily.

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