How to choose fresh red dates?


First of all, fresh red dates are sweeter than most fruits. Even when cooking boiled soup, you can even replace sugar for seasoning.

fresh jujube

Fresh jujube fruit 4 big selection tips

1、Ruddy and full: fresh chinese red dates are full, the skin folds are usually less than the current year. And the red jujube skin will be very bright after scrubbing.

2、The epidermis is deep: In fact, once the red dates fruit are removed, the color change of the epidermis will not be too large. Through the color of the epidermis, the sweetness of the red dates can be judged. The darker the color, the higher the maturity and the sweeter it is.

3、The top has a handle: if there is no stalk at the top, if there is a small hole, it is over the worm, you can also pinch it by hand. If the flesh is soft and empty, it may be insects.

4、Reddish brown good: red jujube fruit color to choose red-brown color, the most taboo bright red, because it may be dyed products, the color has been red more than half, which means that the red dates are mature, sweet enough.

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