How many red dates to eat per day?


Jujube fruit has a high sugar content. The dry chinese red dates that everyone likes to eat have a sugar content of 55%-80%. The calories produced are equivalent to the staple food. Therefore, eating too many red dates every day is equivalent to eating a staple food, which is easy to gain weight.

The average size of dried red dates, the most suitable for eating 5 per day, the large jujubes are up to 3 per day, and the smaller jujubes are 8 or 9 per day.

Dried red jujube sugar is more, diabetes patients should pay attention not to eat red dates and snacks made of red dates, otherwise the sugar intake will be excessive, and those who have tooth decay should also eat less.

organic fried jujube

There are many indigestible dietary fibers in jujube skin. Excessive intake is easy to digest, leading to flatulence in the stomach and constipation.

Organic dried jujube fruit is a damp dry food. People who have heavy body and edema in the body will eat too much and will aggravate edema. Some women will have swelling of their eyes and feet during menstruation. This is a manifestation of heavy moisture in the body. Do not eat red dates during menstruation. You can eat some blood before and after menstruation.

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