How long do dried jujubes last?


Can Chinese red dates be eaten for a long time?

Dried fruit foods have no special shelf life. According to the national requirements, the red jujube fruit processing is a 12-month shelf life. Dry goods for up to 36 months. However, the red dates will last for up to 24 months. No matter how much more, the nutritional value is not high. There are sugar in the red dates, and the sugar is an acid-based substance, which is acidic. It has been decomposed by microorganisms for a long time, and the acidity is more obvious. If the amount of bacteria is large, you can't eat it. As long as it is not for a long time, it is recommended to boil it, then dry it.

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How long can red dates generally be put?

Generally speaking, the shelf life of dried red jujube is 24 months. The bulk red dates are soft and hard. As long as the jujube are not cleaned, they are placed in a cool, dry and ventilated place. The temperature is preferably controlled at 1 to 10 degrees. Under normal circumstances, 10 can be placed. About a month. During the shelf life of dried red dates, always pay attention to whether there is deterioration. If the pedicle of the jujube has perforated or brown or dark brown powder, it means that the date has been wormed, and the red dates can be seen to see the presence of worms between the nucleus. Jujube is most afraid of high temperature and humidity, easy to produce pulp, and mold and mold. Therefore, dry red dates must be kept in a cool dry place.

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