what's difference of honey dates and red dates?


There is a difference between honey dates and red dates, and of course there is a connection. The connection lies in that they are all made from jujube fruit; the difference is that the red dates is made by fresh Chinese red dates, and the honey jujube is often processed by jujube fruit.

The difference between dried jujube and honey dates is that the red jujube  is more raw than the original leaves, which is completely the taste of jujube fruit. After the processing of various dates, the honey jujube has not only preserved the nutrients of the jujube fruit, but also increased the sweetness, especially those who like to eat sweet, but also their favorite.

honey dates vs red dates

After the fresh green jujube is ripe, the epidermis slowly turns red and becomes more ripe and redder; the jujube is completely ripe after the green and red jujube, and becomes all deep red. The red date that is bought in the market is that the jujube is ripe, then dried, and it is not easy to deteriorate after drying. It is not easy to break. Jujube and candied dates are suitable for soup, but candied dates can be eaten as snacks, but also soup, porridge, very delicious.

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