fresh jujube fruit calories


Fresh red dates nutrition

Each 100 grams of fresh fruit contains 18-23 grams of carbohydrates, 0.86 grams of crude protein, 50-85 milligrams of vitamin C, and vitamin A1, B1, B2, and K. The fructose and glucose content is 11-16%, and the soluble* solids are 14-20%. In addition, it also contains trace elements such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. In addition, the fruit of winter jujube is rich in nutrients, fresh in fruit, rich in nutrients, and has the function of purifying blood, helping digestion, beauty and beauty. Therefore, pregnant women can eat winter dates.

fresh jujube fruit

Fresh jujube fruit calories

Fresh jujube has about 2/3 of water, the other is mainly carbohydrates, calories and vitamin C are high in fruits, and its potassium content is also high. It is helpful for relieving edema and moderate consumption during weight loss.

Unit of measureHeat (Edible portion of heat)
one fresh red date(15g,Edible portion 13.0 g)16 cal
three fresh red dates(60g,Edible portion 52.0 g)65 cal
five fresh red dates(100g,Edible portion 87.0 g)109 cal
Standard (100g)125 cal

fresh red dates

How many to eat fresh jujube

It is necessary to control the amount of fresh dates fruit you eat. Too much to eat the dates will increase the digestive burden of our organs. Jujubes as sweets, too much will make our cavities and our digestive tract have a lot of burden on the decomposition of sugar. In addition, we must follow the nourishment. The concept of conditioning can't raise a lot of red dates to raise the body at a time. This is not good and is not advocated.

Then, for those who are weak in the spleen and stomach in our population, the intake of the jujube should be reduced at the normal level, and the red jujube fruit should be used together with the Chinese medicine. For patients who have just had surgery or those who have just given birth, it is necessary to increase the amount of normal red dates. It is appropriate to eat about ten red dates a day.

Therefore, the daily required amount of fresh red dates varies from person to person.

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