How many dried jujube recipes?


1. Red dates soak in water

The study found that taking a cup of jujube water every day can play a good role in nourishing liver and detoxification. Scientists have found through experiments that people with poor liver function take a cup of jujube water every day, and they can effectively increase serum protein in the body for one week, so that they can achieve the role of health care liver.

2. Red dates, tea, drink

You can put the red dates into the wok and stir fry. After darkening, you can make tea. It has a good health care function. If you add some longan, you have a good blood and qi. This jujube tea is very good for qi and shin, and it is very suitable for some people who often use cockroaches.

3. Red dates and porridge drink

Taking jujube porridge to take it can play a good role in soothing the nerves. It is best to choose millet, so that the effect of jujube and soothe the nerves can be maximized. In addition, if women have a restless situation, you can also add some lily and lotus seeds on the basis of jujube porridge, so the effect will be strengthened.

4. Red dates boiled with eggs

You can add an egg to the red dates and brown sugar, then slowly cook the eggs, so that the boiled eggs are very nourishing and have a good blood-supplying effect. If you take them regularly, you will find that the color is getting better and better.

5. Red dates soup drink

The jujube and the white fungus and the rock sugar are placed together in the pot, which has a good function of relieving cough and moistening the lungs, and has a good health care effect on the wolfberry.

6. Red dates, wine, drink

Soak the red dates and white wine together, then store them in a cool place and take them after about a month. During the soaking process of white wine, a large amount of nutrients and organic substances will be dissolved more easily, so that the red dates produced have a good effect of promoting vascular patency.

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