Do you know Chinese jujube fruit culture?


According to historical records, jujube fruit is a traditional and famous specialty tree native to China. Jujubes have discovered jujube nuclear fossils from the Xinzheng Ligang cultural site, which proves that jujube has been in China for more than 8,000 years. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty, people began to use red dates to ferment red jujube wine, as a superior tribute, feasting guests. The nutritional and health effects of jujube have been discovered and utilized in ancient times. The Book of Songs has a record of "April peeling dates". On the Book of Rites, there is a "jujube, sweet and sour", which is used in the production of dishes. "Warring States Policy" has "the benefit of jujube in the north ... enough to eat in the people", pointing out the important role of jujube in northern China. "Han Feizi" also records the use of jujube to save the people when the Qin country was famine. Therefore, the people have always regarded jujube as one of “hardcore crops” and “woody food”. Jujube is also very early as a medicinal product. The "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" has been included, and all previous medical records have been recorded, and the understanding of its health treatment has been deepened.

Chinese red date

Chinese red dates are divided according to their regions:

Shandong jujube fruit

Shanxi red dates

Hebei jinsi jujube

Xinjiang big dried jujube

Northern Shaanxi hongzao

Gansu red jujube

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