What’s the side effects of chinese red dates?


Chinese red dates side effects

Jujube fruit is the most common medicine and food homologous prescription in Chinese medicine prescription. It is sweet and warm. Its main function is Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves. It is mainly used for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, blood deficiency and chlorosis, blood deficiency and insomnia. Treatment. Drinking jujube water as often as possible for women who have caused anemia due to excessive menstrual blood can improve the complexion of pale complexion and cold hands and feet. However, as a prescription, there are contraindications. For example, during menstruation, some women often have eye swelling or swollen feet. In fact, this is a wet weight performance. This type of population is not suitable for taking red dates, because red fruit dates are sweet and eat more. It is easy to produce phlegm and dampness, which causes water to accumulate in the body, thereby aggravating the symptoms of edema. At the same time, women who take red jujube and are hot and dry are not suitable for menstruation because it is very likely to cause excessive menstrual blood and damage their health. In addition, due to the large sugar content of red dates, it is not suitable for diabetic patients to supplement, so as not to increase blood sugar, resulting in worsening of the disease.

red dates fruit

For fresh red dates, if you eat too much, it is prone to diarrhea and spleen. Therefore, those who suffer from cold, fever and bloating due to exogenous wind and heat are all people who avoid eating fresh jujube fruit dates.

Although jujube fruit is beneficial, it may not be suitable for everyone. For example, people with cough and phlegm should not eat it. In addition, because the red dates will get rid of moisture, so people with wet and heavy bloating, if they are often tired or thicker, they will eat less, otherwise they will aggravate the symptoms of wet weight. Children should not eat more red dates if they have tooth decay.

Because of the high sugar content in red dates, eating too much can easily lead to tooth decay.

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