Can eat black dates during pregnancy?


Can eat dried black dates during pregnancy?

Black jujube fruit can be eaten by everyone, pregnant women can also eat, because chinese black dates can be used to supplement iron, which is very helpful for the growth of the fetus, and black dry dates have a certain blood supply effect, pregnant women need a lot In the blood population, blood is very important.

Black dry dates, although the color is black and heavy, but the nutritional value is high, you will not look at it because of its dark appearance. Pregnant women eat dried black dates, there are many benefits, but pregnant women should also pay attention to, sometimes black dates should not be eaten.

black jujube

What are the benefits of pregnant women eating jujube black dates?

1.Iron and nourishing

The growth of the fetus requires blood, and the maintenance of the pregnant woman needs blood. It is a great thing to see blood for pregnant women. If anemia occurs in pregnant women, it will lead to fetal hypoxia, the consequences are unimaginable, pregnant women themselves will be consciously uncomfortable. Black dates are rich in iron. If pregnant women are iron-deficient anemia, pregnant women can eat black dates.

2.Calcium supplementation

If the pregnant woman is deficient in calcium, the bones will "cry". The development of the fetal bones and teeth requires sufficient calcium. Of course, if pregnant women are deficient in calcium, they are also prone to osteoporosis. Therefore, pregnant women eat black dates, calcium is not bad.

3.Enhanced immunity

The body's own resistance is an important barrier to the virus. The tannins and yellow pigments in black dates have the effect of enhancing the immunity of pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women who eat black dates can also reduce their own infestation of small illnesses, colds, fever, major diseases, cancer, lung cancer, and vomiting. Pregnant women in the "black" state eat black dates. Although the black dates are good, the pregnant women are black dates when they have the following conditions.

4.Spleen and stomach

Black dates are warm and can nourish the kidneys and nourish the stomach. However, pregnant women eat black dates and spleen, too many dates will cause too much stomach acid. Therefore, if the pregnant woman's spleen and stomach are not good, try to eat less dates such as black dates to prevent the snow from worsening.

Note on eating black dates

1.Black dates should not eat empty stomach! Black dates contain a lot of pectin and tannic acid. These ingredients combine with stomach acid and form a hard mass in the stomach.

2.Black dates are cold, spleen and stomach are not good enough to eat. Food phase grams excessive consumption of jujube can cause hyperacidity and bloating; avoid eating with persimmon. Production instructions When cooking black dates, if you add a small amount of wick grass, the jujube skin will be automatically disengaged. As long as you use your fingers, the jujube will fall off.

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