Can drink red date tea during menstruation?


Chinese red dates, sweet and warm, the main function is buzhong yiqi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, clinically used for the treatment of spleen and stomach qi deficiency, blood deficiency and chlorosis, blood deficiency, insomnia and other dreams. Drinking jujube tea as usual can improve the paleness of the face and the coldness of hands and feet for women who have anemia caused by excessive menstrual blood. Therefore, life is often favored by female friends.

jujube tea

However, the use of dried jujube tonic is not suitable for all female friends. For example, during menstruation, some women often have eye swelling or swollen feet. In fact, this is a sign of wet weight. This type of population is not suitable for taking jujube fruit. This is because the red dates are sweet, and it is easy to eat and damp, which causes the water to accumulate in the body and aggravate the symptoms of edema. At the same time, women who take jujube fruit and are hot and dry are not suitable for menstruation, because this may cause excessive menstrual blood and harm the health. Although jujube is a tonic, it is harmful if it is eaten too much.

Therefore, women can drink jujube tea in moderation during menstruation, and moderate drinking will not affect menstruation.

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