Black date vs red date


Black dates and red dates, although they are called "jujube", but the difference between the two can be very different, let's take a look at it!

Black date vs red date

1. Different categories. Black dates are persimmons, while red dates are jujubes.

2.The main effects are different. The main effect of black dates is to nurse the spleen and stomach. The main effect of red dates is blood and medicine. Jujube can nourish the blood, and it is regarded as a qi supplement by the people. It can heal the face, dryness, muscle loss, qi and blood, etc. It can also prevent anemia, purpura, and women's menopausal mood. Although black dates are not as widely used as red dates, they are often found in kidneys and nourishing the stomach.

3.Different nutritional values. Black dates are rich in dietary fiber and pectin, which can help digestion and soft stools. Red dates are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin b2, etc., which is the crown of the hundred fruits.

4.The scope of use is different. If there are conditions such as indigestion, food accumulation, constipation, etc., then the effect of eating black dates is very good, because black dates contain a lot of pectin and dietary fiber. If you get a serious illness, it is best to eat more red dates. Because jujube is known as a natural vitamin, it can effectively protect the body and improve immunity.

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