Are Chinese red dates heaty or cooling?


The heaty and cooling of food is of great concern to many people, because the properties of foods that are suitable for people of different constitutions are different. Dried jujube fuit is a very popular food and a very common ingredient. So is organic chinese red dates hot or cool?

organic fried jujube

1、belonging to warm food

Jujube fruit is neither a hot food nor a cool food, but a warm food. Chinese medicine thinks that red dates are sweet and warm, and have the effects of replenishing vital energy, nourishing blood and calming the nerves, and alleviating medicinal properties. Like red dates, most warm foods have a warming effect, and eating is very beneficial to the human body.

2、eating precautions

Dried red dates is delicious and delicious. The average person has no harm to the human body but has many benefits. However, there is a group of people who are not suitable for eating red dates, that is, diabetic patients. The reason is that the sugar content in chinese jujube is very high. If diabetics eat red dates at will, it may aggravate the condition, which is not conducive to stable and recovery. Therefore, diabetic patients must pay attention to the red dates fruit.

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