• Wholesale jujube food, jujube red Factory, red dates fruit Company, buy jujube
  • Wholesale jujube food, jujube red Factory, red dates fruit Company, buy jujube
  • Wholesale jujube food, jujube red Factory, red dates fruit Company, buy jujube
Hami Jujube

Organic certified by JAS Organic,USDA NOP Organic.

Size:35mm or more

Place of origin:xinjiang, China



Hami jujube fruit history introduction

It is a relatively independent fine variety in the Chinese jujube family. It is a treasure in the fruit of Hami, Xinjiang, which has been domesticated for a long time under the specific climate conditions of Gobi in the southern plain. In ancient times, the so-called "fragrant jujube" has always been the best tribute to the court in Western Regions. According to historical data, Hami cultivated jujube has a history of 2,000 years. It is famous in the domestic and foreign markets for its large, thin skin, small nucleus, thick flesh, good color, high sugar content, dry but not wrinkled. Hami jujube can be eaten fresh and boiled, as jujube mud, jujube soup and so on. Especially for Babao rice and porridge, it tastes better. 

Hami jujube is a relatively independent fine strain in the jujube family. With the characteristics of big plump, thin skin and thick flesh, ruddy color, sweet and refreshing, small green core, it occupies the top position in the fruit of about 700 jujube varieties in China, and the quality of jujube products ranks first in China and even in the world. 

Hami red dates nutritional and health value

It is the fruit pride of about 700 kinds of jujube families in China. According to the determination and analysis of the experimental center and relevant departments of Northwest Agricultural University, the average fresh weight of Hami jujube is 17 grams, the weight of big fruit is 35 grams, the meat yield is 96%, the sugar content of fresh fruit is about 32%, the total sugar content of dried fruit is over 81%, the protein content is as high as 50%, and the moisture content of dried fruit is below 15%. Hami jujube is known as "natural vitamin pill", which is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1 and B2. The content of vitamin C in fresh jujube is 415 mg/100 g, which is several times higher than that of inland jujube varieties. The scientific research department shows that Hami jujube is rich in 18 essential amino acids, nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, palladium, cadmium and chromium, and rare minerals, especially zinc, which reaches 23 mg/100 G. These include 8 kinds of amino acids which can not be synthesized by human body. Rare minerals are very important for adult health care, children's development and intelligence improvement. Therefore, it can be seen that Hami jujube is a treasure in fruit which integrates nutrition and medical health care. Long-term practice has proved that Hami jujube has the functions of disease resistance, cancer resistance, refreshment, Kidney-Tonifying and liver-protecting, muscle-strengthening, blood-tonifying and qi-tonifying, lung-nourishing and body-nourishing, stomach-nourishing and eye-nourishing, and face-nourishing. Former Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Saifuding Aizezi, wrote an inscription in April 1997: "Hami jujube is the best in the world". 

The medicinal value of hami dreid jujube

It is recorded in Chinese herbal books that jujube is sweet and warm in taste, returns to the spleen and stomach meridian, and has the functions of tonifying qi, nourishing blood and tranquilizing mind, and alleviating medicinal properties. Modern pharmacology found that: jujube contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, trace calcium, amino acids and other rich nutrients. The formation of jujube culture is not only the creation of nature and the wisdom of the working people, but also the accumulation of Chinese people's dietary culture for thousands of years. Its greatest characteristic is the high content of vitamins. According to the detection and analysis by relevant institutions, the content of vitamin C in every 100 grams of fresh jujube is between 380 mg and 600 mg, which is known as "natural". Vitamin pills are known as "vitamin pills".

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