ALIORGANIC organic jujube plant base

Aliorganic organic red jujube - Yellow River people's traditional cultivation.

For the tribute, long history.

In January (In the first month), ice and snow has not melt, most already walked into the fields, started a year of hard work;

In March, Chinese jujube bud, pale green jujube 

leaf in the wind of stretch, the loess plateau show 


In May, the jujube flower in full bloom, the little 

flowers in clusters of yellow, like the plateau may  smile;

In June, jujube fruit, began to enjoy the sun and the rain;

In July, green with red jujube, pious covered face, show charming side;

In August,jujube began to mature, hanging branches, as if a string of little lanterns, and all over the whole plateau.

               ALIORGANIC organic  red jujube sprout.jpg

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