How to choose dried jujube?


1, The appearance of jujube fruit

The quality dried jujube is very full and there are fewer cracks. When you choose, you should choose a smooth skin and no scars.

2, The head of dried red dates

Small red jujube, there is not much flesh in the taste, and the taste is average. The big dried jujube, the flesh is very thick, many, and looks fat. When you choose, you will choose the big ones.

3, The taste of chinese red dates

If it tastes sweet, then it is a good dried red dates. Too sweet Chinese red dates is not recommended for purchase. Generally sweet is enough.

organic fried jujube

4, The color of jujube

The color should be chosen to be very bright. Crimson hongzao are generally sweet because the sun is abundant. If you eat now, I suggest you choose more crimson. The taste is very mellow.

5, The feel of dried jujube

You can squeeze the jujube fruit by hand. If you feel that the skin is very soft and the flesh inside is very full, then it is a good jujube.

6, The freshness of organic red jujube

Some jujubes that have been stored for a long time will have bugs. Look at the ends of the jujube at the time of selection to see if there are any bug holes. If it is very clean and there are no bug holes, then such jujubes are good.

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